Energy and Power


Bełchatów Power Plant and KWB Bełchatów   Advice on developing the companies' growth strategies.

Połaniec Power Plant   Organisational restructuring.

Stalowa Wola Power Plant   Privatisation strategy development.

Endesa   Advice on the privatisation of the G8 Group, ZEDO S.A., and the Kozienice S.A. Power Plant.

ENERGA Gdańska Kompania Energetyczna   Advice on developing a development strategy and restructuring of the company.

ENERGA Gdańska Kompania Energetyczna   Creation of a development strategy implementation program in competitive and regulated areas.

ENEA Energy Group   Efficiency evaluation of company branches.

ENEA Energy Group   Cooperation on the development of a tariff proposal.

G-8 Group   Advice on the development of a tariff proposal.

Łódzki Zakład Energetyczny   Reorganisation of key business areas.

Łódzki Zakład Energetyczny   Advice on the regulation process.

Polish Ministry of the Treasury   Advice on developing a privatisation strategy for the power distribution sector in Poland.

Polish Ministry of the Treasury   Advising the Polish Ministry of the Treasury on the sale of shares of the Bytom and Zabrze Power Plants.

Polskie Sieci Elektroenergetyczne (PSE)   Advising the PSE Management Board on updating the company's development strategy.

PSE   Auxiliary services costs optimization in the PSE capital group.

Zakład Energetyczny Kraków   Advice on developing a strategy on the competitive energy market and on the company’s privatisation strategy.