Partnerzy CET Londyn


Charles Jonscher

President of CET and leader of technology practice. Head of European Telecoms, Media & Technology, Booz Allen & Hamilton (1987-90). Formerly with IBM and BT research labs. Co-director of Telecommunications Research Program at MIT (1981-84). Lecturer at Sloan School of Management and Faculty of Economics, Harvard University (1977-84). Extensive writing on business and technology. Education at Cambridge (BA) and Harvard (MA, PhD).


Tom Lampl

Managing Director and head of CET's private equity division. Has got a 30 years’ investment banking experience in Europe and the USA. President of the International Capital Group (Global Asset Management) (1985-90). Vice-President of JP Morgan & Co (1980-85). Previously with SG Warburg & Co (project and corporate finance) and the Rothschild Intercontinental Bank. Education at Oxford (MA, Physics) and Insead (MBA).